Guest Post: Vedic Mathematics 4 – Nikhilam Method of Multiplication

Sanjay Guilati (author) has been teaching computer and mathematics in Bhilai, state Chattisgarh in India for 15 years. Currently he is a  teacher in a senior secondary school and he is also involved in teacher training.  His online work can be found in Mathematics Academy.

Multiplication – Nikhilam (निखिलम) Method

Conventional method of multiplication is time consuming. It involves number of steps and space. Multiplications done using Vedic Mathematics is easy, requires less number of steps, requires less time. One question can be solved in many ways and can be done mentally.

Nikhilam multiplication is one such method in which problems of special patterns can be solved in a step or two. For using this method, one must be familiar with the base system, which is described below. » Read more