Milkshakes, Beads, and Pascal’s Triangle

Note: This is the first part of the Binomial Theorem Series

Binomial Theorem I: Milkshakes, Beads, and Pascal’s Triangle

Binomial Theorem II: The Binomial Expansion


The Milk Shake Problem

Problem 1: Issa went to a shake kiosk and want to buy a milkshake. The shake vendor told her that she can choose plain milk, or she can choose to combine any number of flavors in any way she want. There are four flavors to choose from: Apple, Banana, Chico, and Durian.

How many possible combinations can Issa create?

It is clear that Issa can choose her milk shake to have no flavor (pure milk shake), one flavor, two flavors, three flavors, or four flavors. The possible combinations are shown below.

Table 1

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