Sketchometry: A Geometry App To Watch Out For

Sketchometry is another promising mathematics web application that we should watch out for.  It is a free (at least for now) Euclidean geometry web app with a minimal user interface that lets users sketch geometric drawings and plot graphs.


What is unique about it is that when the user sketches objects on screen, and the software tries to identify these strokes and generates exact geometric objects out of it. Further it  runs on modern PCs and tablets with any browser.

Drawings and constructions done in Sketchometry can be saved in Dropbox, Sky Drive, or UnbuntuOne.

H/T: GeoGebra Blog

Free tools every math blogger should learn

Although the list below is specialized for math bloggers, they can be used by bloggers of any field. I have used all the software below,

  • WordPress. WordPress is a free blogging site. Upgrade is available (for a fee) for larger storage and domain name customization.  I chose WordPress to host Mathematics and Multimedia mainly because of its Latex support. As of this writing, as far as I know, two of its top competitors, Blogspot and Typepad, do not support Latex yet.

  • Blogger/Blogspot. Blogger is also a blogging website that is included in Google Applications.  Once you have a Google Account, you already have a blogspot account, you just need to activate it. I use Blogger to embed GeoGebra applets since JavaScript embedding is not allowed in
  • Google Docs. Google Docs can be used to store and share documents online. It has its own word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software. It has currently released a new drawing software.  You can use Google Docs to store your documents and link your blog to it.

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