Book Review: How to Solve Word Problems in Algebra

How to Solve Word Problems in Algebra: A Solved Problems Approach is a   book ideal for middle school and high school students who want to learn about solving word problems. The book offers step-by-step method in solving different types of word  problems.

The topics covered in this book are number, motion (time, rate, distance), mixtures, coins, age, lever, finance, work, digit, and problems on geometric figures. It also contains problems on quadratics and problems involving two unknowns. In addition, each chapter has worked examples and at least 10 supplementary problems with solutions.

Since the book teaches problem solving step by step, it can be a good supplementary material or self-study guide for students.

If you want to learn about word problem solving, you may also want to check Math and Multimedia’s Mathematics Word Problem Solving Series.

Math Word Problems: Solving Age Problems Part 3

This is the third part of the Solving Age Problems of the Math Word Problem Solving Series. In this post, we discuss more complicated age word problems.

Problem 7

Anna who is 6 years old and his father Ben who is 27 years old have the same birthday. In how many years will Ben be twice as old as Anna?


As years go by, the number of years added to Ben’s and Anna’s ages is the same. If we let the number of years that have gone by be x, then in x years, their ages will be

Ben’s Age: 27 + x

Anna’s Age: 6 + x

Since in x years, Ben will be as twice as old as Anna, if we multiply Anna’s age by 2, their ages will be equal. So, we can now set up the equation » Read more

Math Word Problems: Solving Age Problems Part 1

This is the second topic in the Word Problems Series. In this series of posts, we are going to discuss age problems.  In age problems, most times, ages of persons at different points in time — past, present, and future — are asked about.

One of the most famous age problems in the history of mathematics is Diohpantus’ Riddle. After this series, you should be able to provide a solution to Diophatus’ age problem. 🙂

As we have done in the previous topic, we will start with simple problems. As we go on, the problems become more complicated.  Let us start with the first problem.


Adrian’s age is one less than twice Carlo’s age. The sum of their ages is 50. What are their ages?


As you have probably noticed that this problem is very similar to the problems we discussed earlier.  Age problems just like most algebra problems which are number problems in disguise.  » Read more

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