July 2011 Week 5 Posts Summary

Mathematics and Multimedia

Blogineering (New!– our new blog tutorial site. A site dedicated to teaching people how to blog.

  • What is a blog?
  • Blogineering: Its New Meaning
  • The WordPress Tutorial Series (Improved!)

GeoGebra Applet Central

School of Freebies

The Handshake Problem and Its Multiple Solutions


We teach mathematics in order to elicit thinking among students.  Choosing ‘rich’ problems can give students opportunities to think and discuss among their peers.

Rich problems are challenging tasks that have many solutions and/or many answers. Giving students these kind of problem will encourage them to explore, and evaluate which solutions best fit. It is also important that we train them to solve problems in as many ways as they can.

wedding time

The problem below is an example of such task. Only four solutions are written, but I assure you that there’s more. » Read more

Blogineering: Our new blogging tutorial site

Blogineering is a new blog that Riley Ayes and I created for helping new bloggers start and grow a blog. Riley (my best friend in High School) is a civil engineer, so it is pretty obvious who thought of the name.

If you search the word ‘blogineering’ on the net (we actually never knew that such word exists before we thought of the name), you’ll find that it refers to blogs about science, engineering, and technology. However, we are giving it a new meaning. We combined the words blog and engineering to refer to ‘creating and growing a blog systematically — that is engineering blogs.’ » Read more

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