GeoGebra launches official blog and more

To all GeoGebra fans out there, GeoGebra has recently launched its official blog. The blog will contain news, tricks, tips, and everything about GeoGebra. According to the administrator, guest posts are expected from GeoGebra bloggers all over the world.

I took  a one month leave from GeoGebra Applet Central. I thought I needed a vacation, but I’m resuming GeoGebra blogging next week.  I am also planning to revise the remaining GeoGebra tutorials that have not been updated to GeoGebra 4.0.


For a while now, I have been reading Ask a Mathematician/Ask A Physicist blog. It’s a great blog that discusses questions in mathematics and physics. Although, the blog is not really intended for high school, some senior high school and Math and Physics geeks might appreciate it.


Here are some recent interesting posts in case you missed some.

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