The Mathematics Word Problem Solving Series

I have received quite a number of requests from students to write about the Mathematics Word Problem Solving.  Some students even reminded me that I have mentioned about it in this blog. Well, I think I have to fulfill my promise, so starting this week, I am going to give examples on how to solve the following types of problems.

I hope that this series will “lighten” this blog since the posts in the past months were getting harder and harder for high school students.

Guest Post: An Interesting Property of Prime Numbers

Although I have already discussed modulo division, I believe that this proof is beyond the reach of average high school students. To explain further, I made additional notes on Patrick’s proof . I hope these explanations would be able to help students who want to delve on the proof. 


I’ve got a prime number trick for you today.

  1. Choose any prime number p > 3.
  2. Square it.
  3. Add 5.
  4. Divide by 8.

Having no idea which prime number you chose, I can tell you this:

The remainder of your result is 6.  » Read more

A Mathematical Response to Senator Sotto’s Claims on PH’s Population

The Philippines is not overpopulated according to Senator Tito Sotto.  In this post, I am going to use mathematics to explain why I think otherwise. This post is an example on how to use mathematics in real life, in particular,  to support arguments. It is intended for elementary school and middle school students.

world population

image via Wikipedia

Senator Sotto: “The Philippines is not overpopulated.”

Fact: There are 196 countries in the world and the Philippines is the 12th in terms of population. This  means that it is  on the top 7% of most populated countries. This is despite the country’s small land area compared to the most populated countries. In the table above, seven of the top 15 countries are also in the top 15 largest countries in terms of area.  As you can see, relative to other countries, the Philippines is quite overpopulated. » Read more

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