101 Blog Tips Part 2: Things to do during the early stage of blogging

In the previous blog tips post, I have given you 7 tips on what to consider and what to do before starting a blog. By now I assume that you have already decided what topic to write about, and you have chosen what blogging platform to use. Now, let us talk about what to do during the early stage of blogging. When I say early stage, I mean during the first three to four months.

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Before we begin the discussion, let me reiterate that the golden rule of blogging is to 8write quality and original content. Even if you follow all the tips that I am going to discuss here and in future posts, if the quality of your content is poor, it is more likely that your readers will not come back, and they will definitely not recommend your blog.

The following are the things that would recommend to do during the early stage of blogging.

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101 Blog Tips Part I: Things to do before starting a blog

This is the first part of the 101 Ways to Promote your Blog for free, a series about blogging tips and promotion. In this post, we will discuss some things to do and to consider before starting a blog.

I started as a blogger not knowing what I wanted to blog. If you have noticed, my first two posts (October 2009) were K-12 math problems and solutions. I realized, however, that I wanted my blog to be read by many people; I have to write things that many people are interested in.  Writing problems and solutions would only excite math enthusiasts who are fond of problem solving,  and I know that there are relatively few of them. Besides, there are many problem solving sites on the internet. » Read more

101 ways to promote your math blog for free

If you have noticed I have started writing posts about blog promotion (see How to automatically import your blog post to your Facebook wall and Basic Blogging Tips 1).  This is the sequel of the WordPress Blogging Tutorial Series and the beginning of my new series called  101 Ways to promote your blog for free.  Since you now know how to blog, the next step is to draw crowd to it.

Note, however, that I am not a blogging expert. There are bloggers out there who draw more than 50,000 visitors a day.  All the things that I will share in this series are from my personal experiences in growing Mathematics and Multimedia. This means that otherwise stated, I have tried and tested the tips. » Read more

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