Math and Multimedia turns 6

Math and Multimedia turns 6 today. This blog started in 2009 in and since then has been updated at least three times a week. Mathematics and Multimedia is a blog that discusses mathematics concepts from elementary school mathematics up to university mathematics, provides suggestions and tutorials on how to use multimedia materials and apps in mathematics, and share useful teaching and learning materials.

As of today, Math and Multimedia has 1152 articles and has garnered 2.3 million page views. Below are the most popular posts in terms of number of shares.

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  6. 10 Notable Mathematicians Who Died Young
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  9. TED-Ed’s Interactive Periodic Table
  10. 1300 Free K-12 Mathematics Lesson Plans and Activities

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Happy learning!

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Math and Multimedia got hacked today, twice!

Math and Multimedia got hacked today, not only once but twice. The website was redirected to online website selling medicines and drugs.

I called the hosting service this morning and they got it fixed, only to discover that it was hacked again around 5pm local time. I was able to install a security plugin and I yet have to see if it is effective.

The hacker/malware changes the code of the .htaccess file of WordPress. For those who are familiar with Wordpress blogging, this is easy to troubleshoot. You just copy the .htaccess file from another blog and overwrite the code. However, the long term solution should be to disable access to your .htaccess file. Apparently, mine was vulnerable.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Sad News: John Nash dies at 86

Perhaps the saddest news this week are the deaths of famous mathematician John Nash, 86, and wife Alicia, 82 in a car accident last Saturday, May 23. Nash was known for his work in Economics (Game Theory) particularly on the Nash equilibrium as well as his contributions real algebraic geometry.  He received the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1994, a Double Helix Medal in 2010, and an Abel Prize this year.

John Nash

image via Wikipedia

The life of John Nash, particularly his battle with paranoid schizophrenia, was detailed in Sylvia Nasar’s A Beautiful Mind which was later made into a  Hollywood film where Nash was portrayed by Russell Crowe.

Many people expressed their grief on Nash’s death through Twitter and other social media sites. His death is truly a big loss to the mathematics community.

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