New GeoGebra 3D Now Available for Download

Today, mathematicians, math teachers, math students, and math geeks should celebrate because of this new version of GeoGebra, the GeoGebra 3D. Below is a screenshot of its graphical user interface taken from my own computer. You can how download the new version, read the details about it in the Release Notes, and see some examples.

According to the official GeoGebra blog, the 3d version was headed by Mathieu Blossier (many thanks!) who had been coordinating the project since 2008.
GeoGebra 3D


To learn more about GeoGebra (2d), you can visit the GeoGebra page of this blog which contains more than 50 detailed step by step tutorials on how to use the software.

Enjoy and have fun.

Create Latex Documents with Lyx

If you are creating a lot of scientific documents or numerous documents that contains math equations, then you might want to check out Lyx. I have been using Lyx for a week and I really like it.

Lyx is a free and open-source document processor built on top of the Latex typesetting system. It has the power of Latex, so it can be used to create books, notes, theses, and academic papers. It is free and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX and OS/2.


Lyx has a lot of great features, some of which are listed below.

  • Graphical user interface with menus
  • Automatically numbered headings, titles, and paragraphs, with table of contents
  • Copy paste to and from Latex source code
  • Bibtex support
  • WYSIWYG for cropping, rotation, and scaling of images
  • WYSIWYG table and math editors
  • Export to Docbook, SGML, XHTML, and plain text
  • more

Create 3D Models on Your Browser with Tinkercad

If you have enjoyed creating 3D with Sketchup, you might want to check another cool 3D modeling software called Tinkercad. TinkerCad is a tool used from creating digital designs that are ready to be printed in physical objects. The good thing about Tinkercard is that it can run on your browsers. In addition, new users are guided through lessons moving from basics to more complex techniques.

The video below is a brief introduction and tutorial about Tinkercad.

A free account can be created to use TinkerCad. You can learn easily by viewing the tutorials.

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