GeoGebra 5.0 Beta Release, now available

To all GeoGebra fans out there, the GeoGebra 5.0 Beta release is now available. The most prominent feature of GeoGebra 5.0 is its 3d environment.

You can download the webstart version here and the portable version here. If you find any bug, you are welcome to report it in the GeoGebra 5 Beta Forum.

Erratum: The versions above are JOGL2 test version (will be removed soon). The correct link for version 5 is here.

Introducing GeoGebra Prim Beta

GeoGebra Prim is a variant of GeoGebra for primary school and middle school students that will soon be released (probably with GeoGebra 4.0).  It is a more simplified version of GeoGebra:

  • Restricted set of Tools available
  • All available Tools visible at once
  • Larger Font size
  • Larger/ Thicker Objects
  • Just the Graphics View Showing
  • Easier to select objects
  • Labeling of Objects disabled (by default)
  • Angles always between 0 and 180 (by default)
  • Rounding to nearest whole number (by default)

The beta version of GeoGebra Prim can be downloaded here.

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