Recognize Handwritten Equations with MyScript MathPad

Years ago, I shared about Web Equation, a website that lets you hand write equations and solve them via Wolfram Alpha. In this post, I am going to introduce to you another handwritten equation recognition app, the MyScript Mathpad.

MyScript Mathpad is a handwriting recognition app specialized for mathematics expressions. MyScript Mathpad automatically converts handwritten mathematical expressions and equations to their digital equivalent. It can recognize more than 200 symbols and operators.

MyScript Mathpad

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Equations created with MyScript Mathpad can be exported to Latex and MathML.  It can also be shared through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media.

There are two features that I like about MyScript Mathpad. The first one is its scratch-out and strike-through gesture editing.  If you want to delete something, all you have to do is to scratch-out the expression you want and it’s gone. The second one is its support for left-handed persons.

MyScript MathPad is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch running in iOS 6.0 or later.

It’s FREE!

Microsoft Mathematics Tutorial 3 – Equations and Inequalities

This is the third tutorial of the Microsoft Mathematics Tutorial Series.  The first tutorial is about the Introduction to the User Interface and the second tutorial is about Peforming Basic Numerical Computation.

Aside from being a scientific calculator, Microsoft Mathematics is also a computer algebra system.  It is capable of simplifying or expanding expressions, solving equations and inequalities, and performing other algebraic manipulations.  In this post, we discuss some of the most used commands in solving equations and inequalities used in high school mathematics.

To try the examples below, open Microsoft Mathematics and be sure that you are on the Worksheet tab.

 Solving Equations 

To solve the equation 2x - 3 = 5, type 2x – 3 = 5 in the Input text box and then press the ENTER/RETURN key on your keyboard. The output of the command is shown below.

Notice that tirst, the input was reformatted to solve (2x – 3 = 5, x) and second, the solution is shown at the bottom. The Solution steps, a link which can be expanded, is also shown. Microsoft Mathematics is capable of generating solution steps with complete explanation to some algebraic problems. Clicking the Solution steps link will show the figure below.  » Read more