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Math Teacher’s at Play #29, the Let’s Play Math blog carnival, has been posted via The Number Warrior.  The Carnival of Mathematics #68 is also now available at Plus Magazine.

The Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival is also on its third edition and will be posted on September 13, 2010. Its deadline of submission is on September 10. You may submit your articles here.

To increase the chance of your article of being published, read the Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival’s Criteria for Selection of Articles.

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Photo: Venetian Carnival Mask by gnuckx

Mathematics in Microsoft Office

There are many people who are allergic with mathematics, but most of the time, mathematics appears incognito in places where we don’t expect them to be.  One perfect example is the Microsoft Office Package.We know the MS Excel is dedicated to mathematical computations, but what about MS Word or PowerPoint?  Can we find mathematics in both applications?

Enumerated below are the mathematics hidden in Microsoft Office. Regarding the mathematics found in MS Excel, we will discuss more about them in later tutorials.

1. Equations (Word). In the Insert menu of MS Word, you can see the Equation icon located at the extreme right hand side of the toolbar. This contains several built-in mathematical equations and formulas such as area of the circle and binomial theorem.

» Read more

Formal Proof of the Infinitude of Primes

In the Infinitude of Primes post, we have shown intuitively that there are infinitely many primes. In this post, we use our intuitive proof to create a more formal proof. The proof was supposedly constructed by Euclid and was shown in his book, The Elements.

Euclid (via Wikimedia)

We are going to use the proof strategy called proof by contradiction. Our proof is summarized as follows: » Read more

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