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Making Mathematicians 1


  1. This post is actually intended for Filipino readers (but anyone is welcome to read it), so people from other countries might not understand the humor embedded on the article. This is my way of describing the ills of education in our country, and my opinion of what good mathematics teaching is.  I want to do it in fiction, because  I don’t feel that I am qualified to talk about mathematics teaching.
  2. English is not my first language, and I have never written fiction before, so my apologies if some parts are confusing, or if there are grammatical errors. Grammar corrections are most welcome.
  3. Opinions which may be expressed in following articles are entirely mine and may not reflect the views of my current and previous employers.


Chapter I

Mr. Himura walked on the bermuda grass laid neatly on the school ground humming to the tune of Mr. Suave, his favorite Filipino song. He promenaded toward the room of his next class, while unconsciously toying with his mustache. He didn’t even notice that he was almost bumped by a student who was chasing a basketball.


Under the acacia tree about ten meters from Himura’s classroom, three girls were sitting on a bench, giggling and sipping milkshakes greedily. Upon seeing Himura, the girls looked their milkshakes sadly. They gazed at each other and were in a dilemma: Finishing snacks or missing five minutes of Mr. Himura’s lesson? “Nah,” they chorused. Mr. Himura’s class is too valuable to miss. » Read more

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