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In the past few months, I have received quite a number of emails inquiring if I am accepting guest posts. Yes, I do. Math and Multimedia has reached nearly 1.5 million page views in three years, and has more than two thousand followers on Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and Email Subscriptions, so  guest posting here will surely boost your  traffic. » Read more

Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival #14

The Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival 14 is now live at Mathematics, Learning, and Web 2.0. The next edition will be hosted by Learning and Teaching Math and will be posted on September 26. To submit your articles to the next edition, click here.

Wow - I love this shot! Reflection at the 2010 Carnevale in Venice (P1000430a)

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The Kaprekar constant 6174

In the mysterious 495, (1) we chose any 3-digit number, (2) arranged the digits in decreasing order forming the largest integer,  (3) arranged the digit in increasing order forming the smallest integer, and (4) subtracted the smaller from the larger. Each time a difference is obtained, we repeated steps 2-4 several times and we ended up having 495. We explained the mystery behind this ‘phenomenon’ and we were quite fascinated.

In this post, we examine the 4-digit Kaprekar constant. That is, if the digits of a 4-digit number are not all equal, there is a certain number that we will end up with if we repeat the enumerated process above. Let’s have an example. » Read more

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