The Web 2.0 Calc Scientific Calculator

I have already shared several online calculators and graphers, and another addition to the list is the Web2.0.Calc scientific calculator, a very simple and yet useful online calculating application.

It is an online scientific calculator that can perform basic calculations, plot graphs, perform matrix operations, and solve simultaneous equations up to 4 variables .  It can also be used to perform a wide variety of unit conversion: length, area, density, energy, force, power, speed, inertia, bits ,  and time.

The Web2.0Calc can be embedded in sites and blogs by means of a widget code that can be obtained from the official site.

Geom-e-tree: A Tree Drawing App for Curious Minds

Recently, I discovered an interesting iPod/iPhone/iPad application via Math 2.0 Group.  It’s called Geom-e-tree, an app for creating fractal-like trees. The app allows you to grow and change your tree, morph in real time, increase the number of branches, and more.  You can also save your trees and share it with others.  The video below is a sample of a morphing fractal created with  Geom-e-tree.

By the way, Geom-e-tree is not a free app.

Week in Review – January 2012 Week 4

Good morning everyone, time flies fast indeed; it’s already the fourth week of January.  February is going to be a busy month. I have a training on GeoGebra this coming Valentines day, and looks like I am also going to Baguio the third week, so I am not sure if these activities will affect my blogging.  Anyway, just like I do every Sunday morning,  I summarize my posts for the week.

Mathematics and Multimedia

GeoGebra Applet Central

School of Freebies

Updated GeoGebra Tutorials (version 4.0)
Math and Multimedia Carnival 20
The Math and Multimedia Carnival will be hosted by GeoGebra Applet Central. Please submit your entries here or via email on or before  February 18, 2012.

That’s all for for now, I’m off to church. Have a blessed morning!

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