Geometry Skills of the Ancients Evident in the Nazca Lines

The Pyramids of Egypt are not the only living evidence of the astounding skills of the ancient people who inhabited our planet.  Another example of their mathematical feat are the Nazca lines located in Peru.

Large Geometry in Nazcal Lines

The Nazca lines are a collection of enormous lines and geometric patterns that can be seen in the arid plateau of the Nazca Desert in Peru. It consists of hundreds of figures with varied complexities starting from simple lines and geometric shapes to more complicated figures such as animals, plants, and trees. The largest figure is over 660 ft across.

The Nazca lines were believed to have been made between 400-650 AD. The lines were made by removing reddish rocks and revealing the white or gray ground beneath. Due to the dry weather, the Nazca lines have been preserved for more than 1500 years. » Read more

The Golden Ratio and the Perfect Human Face

Mathematical beauty ranges from simple Youtube embedding to the elegance of tessellations and symmetry all the way to the complexity of fractals.   In this post, we talk about the most interesting connection between beauty and mathematics, the mathematical beauty of the human face.


The Golden Ratio was used by architects, sculptors, and artists since the ancient times to express beauty in their work.  Architectures based on Golden Ratio are considered pleasing to the human eye. The Pyramid of Egypt, the Pantheon, and the United Nations Building are just several examples of structures in Golden Ratio. » Read more