May 2011 Week 4 Summary and more …

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I. We have a new email subscription box at the right courtesy of Google’s Feedburner. Your emails have been transferred to the Feedburner database.You can also follow Math and Multimedia using Facebook by Liking it in the Facebook Like box at the right.

II.  Here is our May 2011 Week 4  List of Posts for Math and Multimedia:

  1. Experimental and Theoretical Probability Part 4
  2. Introduction to Vedic Mathematics
  3. Intersections of Planes with Google Sketchup
  4. Calculus 1 Video Lectures
  5. Platonic Solids: Why only five of them?

III. For GeoGebra lovers, we also have several excellent applets from GeoGebra Applet Central:

  1. The GeoGebra Ferris Wheel
  2. Proof of Pythagorean Theorem (by Kleanthis Xenitidis)
  3. Triangles and Quadrilaterals
  4. Polygon with Equal Areas (by Erlina Ronda)

IV. Here are the major topics that I will write soon:

  1. The Blogspot Blogging Tutorial Series. I have taught you how to blog using WordPress, and I will also teach you how to use Blogspot, a free blogging site and platform from Google.
  2. The Math Word Problem Solving Series. This series is for students who have difficulty in solving math word problems such as number, age, money, motion problems, etc.
  3. The Geometer’s Sketchpad version 4.07 Tutorial Series. I am a fan of GeoGebra, but I have also used GSP for many years now, so I will continue the tutorials on GSP.
  4. I will share more freeware that you can use in teaching and learning mathematics, and, of course, more posts on math and math teaching.

Thank you for following Math and Multimedia. If this blog has helped you, please give back by sharing it to others.

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