October 2012 – The Most Popular Posts

It’s the end of the month again and it’s time for our month in review. Starting now, every month I’ll only list the most popular posts. The complete list of posts will be posted in the Archives page.

Below is the list of the most popular posts for the month of October 2012.

For my GeoGebra readers, I have also just finished the GeoGebra 4.2 Sneak Peek Series. Below is the complete list of posts.

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The Composite Number Tree

The Composite Number Tree by Jeffrey Ventrella is the latest animation I have discovered recently through Colleen Young’s Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0.  The animation consists of numbers “falling from heaven,” each of which  attaching itself to its greatest divisor. The prime numbers attached themselves to the main trunk.

The Composite Number Tree can be used as a tool for discussing about prime numbers. It also shows some interesting patterns.  Please visit the Composite Number Tree website to read more about it.

GeoGebra 4.2 Sneak Peek 5: Ten New Improvements

This is the fifth and final  part of the GeoGebra 4.2 Sneak Peek Series.  In this post, I am going to list miscellany of significant improvements in GeoGebra 4.2.

  1. The Delete tool can now be used like an electronic whiteboard eraser tool. To delete objects, just click the Delete tool and drag across the objects you want to delete.
  2. It is now possible to translate an object by dragging using the Translate by Vector tool. No need to construct the Vector tool!
  3. The objects in the Algebra view can now be sorted based on Construction Order and Layer. This arrangement is in addition to the previous sort categories which are by Dependency and Object Type.
  4. The new Freehand tool allows drawing and converts it to an exact shape. For example, you can sketch a circle, and after than, GeoGebra will automatically draw  a circle based on your sketch.
  5. Integration of colored commands in Latex. It is now possible to use colors in Latex commands such \green.
  6. Ninety three new commands mostly on Statistics.
  7. A share button in the Manage Tools  menu. This will enable users to share created customized buttons.
  8. Letters without spaces now works. Before, to multiply a and b, we have to type * in between. Now, we can just type ab.
  9. More supported languages.. For my Filipino readers, yes Filipino will be included and I am one of the translators.
  10. Countif command. Well, this is a personal choice. I’ve been waiting for this command since the integration of spreadsheet.

This concludes the GeoGebra 4.2 Sneak Peek Series. If you want to read the details about the new version, you can read the GeoGebra 4.2 Release notes.

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