August 2013 – The Most Popular Posts

It’s the first day of September and  the breeze is getting cold, but it is still warm during the afternoon here in the Philippines.

September is the beginning of the “ber” months, a sign that Christmas is near. While enjoying the first cold breeze, you might want to explore the most popular posts for the month of August. As you can probably observe, I’m going back to the basics. I have been posting articles that are quite beyond high school mathematics which is the scope of this blog. Expect more basic mathematics and tutorial posts in the months to come.

The Most Popular Posts

  1. Proof that Out of 6 Persons Either 3 are Friends or 3 are Strangers
  2. Aristotle’s Theory on the Mathematics of Rainbows
  3. Math Misconception: Incorrect Real Number System Diagram
  4. How to Play and Enjoy the Dots and Boxes iPad App
  5. Fractions with Terminating and Non-Terminating Decimal Representations
  6. Who is the greatest mathematician?
  7. Math Trick 4: A Shortcut on Multiplying Numbers by 13
  8. Math Teachers at Play 65: Teach, Learn and Enjoy
  9. Dodgem Cars: A Pretty Interesting Abstract Game

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