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The Math Teachers at Play Carnival 50 is now live at Mathematics for Teaching. Due to busyness, the Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival  will have a break this month — unless someone volunteers to host it before the end of the month.


I have updated the following GeoGebra Tutorials to version 4.0: Spreadsheet, Slider, and Curves of Best Fit (Tutorial 20) ; and Spreadsheet and Similarity (Tutorial 21); Spreadsheet, Vectors and Matrices (Tutorial 22). » Read more

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The Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival is now accepting entries for its 22nd edition. You may submit your entries to or the carnival submission form on or before April 14, 2012.  The carnival will be hosted by Math is Not a Four Letter Word and will be posted next week.

The 49th edition of Math Teachers at Play is now online at Teach Beside Me.

The 85th edition of the Carnival of Mathematics is also online at Traveled in the Mathematical World.

If you are interested to host the Math and Multimedia Carnival, you may contact me at

 Updated GeoGebra Tutorials (to version 4.0)

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GeoGebra 4.0 now available

The long awaited  GeoGebra 4.0 is now available online. The Webstart files and Applet Start can be are fully functional.  Hopefully the offline installers will be available soon.

Some of the new features according to the website (haven’t explored all of them yet) are the following:

  • GeoGebraTube: easily share worksheets online (see “File” menu)
  • User interface: drag & drop, style bar, perspectives, accessibility
  • New tools: data analysis, chart dialog, probability calculator, function inspector
  • Copy & Paste, two Graphics views
  • Inequalities and implicit equations
  • Improved text tool, better equation displaying
  • Filling options with hatching and images
  • Animation of points on lines, dynamic limits for sliders & axes
  • Buttons, input boxes, scripting
  • Export to animated GIF
  • 50 languages

To know more about the other features, go to the GeoGebra 4.0 Release Notes and the updated GeoGebra Manual. The GeoGebra Prim, the version for younger students is also now available.

I will be revising my GeoGebra tutorials soon to make them compatible with the new version.

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