Week in Review – February 2012 Week 3

Good morning from Baguio City (6 hours from Manila), the summer capital of the Philippines. I am here for a one-day lecture-workshop on “Mathematics as a Way of Thinking” at the AEIRS National Conference.

After sleeping for 7 hours,  I feel rejuvenated, so I am going to list the most recent posts for this week.

Math and Multimedia

My other blogs

That’s all for this week. Have a blessed Sunday!

June 2011 Week 2 Summary

Here is the summary of posts for the second week of June 2011.

1.) Mathematics and Multimedia

2.)  GeoGebra Applet Central – my blog collecting GeoGebra applets. The blog is open for collaborators. Email me at mathandmultimedia@gmail.com if you are interested to join.

3.) School of Freebies

The School of Freebies is back on its original URL at Blogspot.  The new feed is http://feeds.feedburner.com/SchoolOfFreebies.

I hope you have enjoyed reading.