The Unfinished Game Problem

In the Milk, Beads and Pascal’s Triangle article, we have talked about the Sister’s Dilemma, and how they toss coins and later roll dice to solve their problem.  In this post, we are going to talk more about tossing coins and how they are connected to other mathematical topics.

The Interrupted Game

In a chess tournament in your school, two of your classmates, Sherwin and Carlo, made it to the championship game. The championship game was a race to 6. The score was 5-3, in favor of Sherwin.

Figure 1

Suppose, Carlo got sick, and the school agreed to divide the prize money worth $500 based on the players’ chance of winning the championship, how should the money be divided fairly? » Read more

GeoGebra Advanced Tutorial 6 – Customizing the GeoGebra Toolbar

When you upload your GeoGebra file as HTML, sometimes you want to take control the user’s activity on your worksheet.  There are times that you want them to use a limited number of tools.  For instance, you want to limit the button to dragging; you do not want the users to create mathematical objects.  In that case, you may want just to show the Move tool and the Move Graphics View tool (see first figure). GeoGebra allows you to customize your toolbar just the way you want it. The steps is shown below.

» Read more

Blog Carnival 4 Deadline of Submission

The Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival is on its third edition and will be posted on October 11, 2010. The deadline of submission is on FridayNovember 28, 2010. You may submit your articles here.

To increase the chance of your article of being published, read the Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival’s Criteria for Selection of Articles. If you missed the first three carnival posts and the latest carnivals, click the links below:

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If you are interested to host the math carnival, you can email me here


Photo: Thomas Carnival Century Wheel by dave_mcmt

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