Screenr: An excellent screencasting website

If you have used Jing, or CamStudio before, you may also want to check out Screenr, an excellent screencasting website. The video below will explain more.

Screenr is web-based, both compatible with Windows and Mac, and above all free.

GeoGebra 4.0 Sneak Peek 2: The Graphical User Interface

This is the second part of the GeoGebra Sneak Peek Series. The first part is about the GeoGebra 4.0 New Tools.

GeoGebra 4.0 has not only improved by adding additional tools and features, there are also “minor” changes which I think you will find very helpful. In this post, we are going to discuss the seven minor changes in the GeoGebra’s interface.

The GeoGebra 4.0 Beta window

Again, GeoGebra 4.0 is still in Beta form – meaning these features might still be slightly changed. » Read more

May 2011 Week 4 Summary and more …

Math and Multimedia is now on a new server — thanks to Hew, WordPress  Happiness Engineer, for transferring the blog.

I. We have a new email subscription box at the right courtesy of Google’s Feedburner. Your emails have been transferred to the Feedburner database.You can also follow Math and Multimedia using Facebook by Liking it in the Facebook Like box at the right.

II.  Here is our May 2011 Week 4  List of Posts for Math and Multimedia:

  1. Experimental and Theoretical Probability Part 4
  2. Introduction to Vedic Mathematics
  3. Intersections of Planes with Google Sketchup
  4. Calculus 1 Video Lectures
  5. Platonic Solids: Why only five of them? » Read more
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