Quarter in Review – The Most Popular Posts

It’s almost the end of the first quarter of 2012. It’s a very busy week, so no time to write this week. Anyway, in case you missed reading some articles, here are the most popular posts for this quarter.

The Most Popular Posts

  1. An Intriguing Number Pattern Problem
  2. Math and Multimedia Carnival 19
  3. Using Area to Prove the Arithmetic-Geometric Mean
  4. 500 Math Ebooks — Downloadable and Free
  5. Heart Graph for the Mathematically In Love
  6. The GeoGebra 4.0 Tutorials List
  7. The Microsoft Mathematics Tutorial Series
  8. Divisibility by 7 and its Proof
  9. Proof that log 2 is an irrational number
  10. Using Latex in Gmail
  11. The Mathematics of Leap Years Explained
  12. Constructing Open-ended Math Problems
  13. Proof by Contradiction: Knights and Liars
  14. Microsoft Mathematics Tutorial 1 – The User Interface
  15. Diagonals of a Parallelogram

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