Year 2012 in Review – Year-end Summary


It’s the end of the year. Before we start preparing for New Year, let me give you a brief summary of Math and Multimedia this year.  This year, Math and Multimedia has 278 posts and the most productive month is January with 28 posts.


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Year 2012 in Review – My Most Favorite Posts

This is the fifth part of the Year in Review Series. In this post, I am going to share to you my personal picks, my most favorite posts for 2012.

Most Favorite Posts

  1. The Mathematics of Christmas Wrapping
  2. Motion and Graphs: A Calculus Primer
  3. The Definition of Congruence in the Modular Systems
  4. Approximating Square Root of Numbers by Averaging
  5. Finding the General Formula for the kth Polygonal Number
  6. 10 Reasons Why Mathematics Teachers Should Blog
  7. 7 Extraordinary Mathematicians You Should Know About
  8. The 10 Misfortunes of Evariste Galois
  9. The Mathematics of Leap Years Explained
  10. Counting the Number of Squares on a Chess Board
  11. Pi In The Sky, Literally
  12. Wedding Guests and Circular Permutations

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iPad App for Students: King of Math

King of Math is a great fast-paced game for improving skills in mental mathematics. The free version includes questions in addition and subtraction and a mixed of both. The full version  ($0.99) on the other hand, includes questions on Multiplication, Division, Geometry, Fractions, Powers, Statistics and Equations.

king of math

In King of Math, the player starts as a farmer and improves as  the level goes up; for example, after level 1, he becomes a merchant. The score of the player depends on how fast he can answer the questions at each level. The slower the answer, the smaller the score.

What I like about King of Math is the variety of exercises available. For instance, in subtraction, it does not just ask for the difference; it also asks for the minuend or subtrahend. This will make the player thinking under time pressure.

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