May 2011 Week 1 Summary

To lessen my burden of archiving later, I have decided to summarize the posts of my three blogs every weekend. So from now on, you will be receiving weekly summary of posts every Sunday.

Math and Multimedia

School of Freebies (shares freebies such as software, ebooks, resources on the net)
  • Screencasting with Screenr
  • How to automatically post your blog to your Facebook Page
  • More secured with Twitter’s HTTPs option
  • Convert your Files to PDF for Free
GeoGebra Applet Central (where I post my free and downloadable GeoGebra applets)
Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0 of Colleen Young is a the newest blog partner of Math and Multimedia. Colleen will be hosting the July 2011 edition of the Math and Multimedia Carnival. The June edition will be hosted by the Mathematics for Teaching Blog by Erlina Ronda.

GeoGebra Advanced Tutorial 7 – Embedding Form Controls and JavaScript I

We have discussed before how to export a GeoGebra file into dynamic html. In all of our GeoGebra dynamic HTML documents, we have not allowed input from user except by dragging objects within the applet. In this tutorial, we are going to use HTML Form commands and basic Javascript to get input from the user using a text box and a command button.  In particular, we are going to display a dynamic HTML document with a Cartesian coordinate, a text box where the user will input the equation of the function that they want to graph, and a command button that will execute the graph command when clicked.  The final output of our tutorial can be viewed here and the html file (javascript1.html) can be downloaded  here.

If you have a background in HTML and Javascript, this tutorial will be quite easy; otherwise, read the  explanation about the HTML Form and Javascript commands below. Continue reading

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