May 2013 – The Most Popular Posts

It is the end of the month gain, so let us take a look at this month’s most popular posts. To those who missed some articles, below is the list of the most shared articles for the month of May 2013. You may also want to visit the Archives page to view the complete list.

The Most Popular Posts

  1. How to Write Math Symbols in Facebook
  2. 7 Hilarious Jokes About Mathematicians
  3. Latitudes, Longitudes and the Polar Coordinate System
  4. Illegal, Unlucky, and Forbidden Numbers
  5. Gambling Mathematics: Why Will The Casino Win in the Long Run
  6. Angles and the Hindu-Arabic Numerals
  7. Cryptography: The Science of Encoding and Decoding Messages
  8. Paul Erdos: The Wandering Mathematician
  9. The Mystery and Mystique of Magic Squares
  10. Friday Fun: Cats, Sandwhiches and Infinity

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The Reflective Beauty of Palindromes

Palindromes are words, phrases, or numbers that read forwards or backward the same. In a sense, they are “symmetric” since the characters on the left “mirrors” the characters on the right with the center as reflecting character.


The Sator Square contains word square containing a Latin palindrome.

Palindromes are very common in the English language.  Several of the commonly used words that are palindromes are civic, level, madam, stats, tenet and many others. In fact, there are also palindromic phrases (just ignore the spacing and punctuations). Some of the examples are “Madam I’m Adam”, “Was it a rat I saw”, and the supposed phrase of Napoleon “Able was I ere I saw Elba.” I also want you to think of a number that is “never odd or even.” » Read more

Basket Building: Mathematical Similarity at Its Finest

In Similarity and Architecture, we have appreciated how similarity is used to create actual objects based on miniature models. In this post, we celebrate the mathematics of similarity in architecture using one of the strangest buildings in the world — the Basket Building.

The Basket Building

The Basket Building is 180, 000 square-foot, 7-story building located in Newark, Ohio. It is 160 times the size of one of the company’s signature products, the “Medium Market Basket.” It is made of stucco over steel structure. Its handle weighs 150 tons and can be heated during winter to prevent ice damage. It is the headquarters of the Longaberger Company, a manufacturer of handcrafted baskets, pottery, and other lifestyle and home accessories. » Read more

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