Year 2012 in Review – The Most Popular Mathematics Posts

This is the third post for the Year in Review Series. The posts below are the most popular mathematics posts for the year 2012.

The Most Popular Mathematics Posts

  1. Matchticks and Squares

  2. Introduction to Geometric Construction
  3. Origami and its Surprising and Stunning Applications
  4. 4 Common Errors in Calculating Expressions with Exponents
  5. Set: Terminologies, Notations, and Operations
  6. Solving Number Problems: Part 1
  7. The Proof of the Tangent Half Angle Formula
  8. How many square are there?
  9. Understanding If-then Statements and Counterexamples
  10. The Actual Fermat-Pascal Correspondence
  11. A US President’s Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem
  12. Introduction to Clock Arithmetic and Modular Systems

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