Month in Review – July 2014

It’s the end of the month again! Let us go back to what we have learned this month. We have a few posts this month but I think they are all interesting both for teachers and students.

Month in Review – July 2014

That’s it. Don’t miss any of those interesting posts.

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Quarter in Review – The Most Popular Posts

It’s the beginning of the third quarter — time flies fast indeed. Let us go back to the most popular posts from of the second quarter of 2014.

1.) How Mathematics is Used In Pixar
2.) How to Use Latex on Facebook
3.) How to Scientifically Cut a Cake
4.) Understanding Hilbert’s Grand Hotel Paradox
5.) Primo: A Mathematics Board Game About Prime Numbers
6.) How Probability Can Be Used to Design Games of Chance
7.) The Beauty of Tessellations
8.) Create Latex Documents with Lyx
9.) A Fascinating Introductory Video to Mathematical Proofs
10.) Create Latex Documents with Lyx

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50 Most Popular Posts

Mathematics and Multimedia is nearly five years old. So far, it has more than 1000 articles that hopefully have helped and entertained mathematics teachers, students, and enthusiasts around the world. Out of the 1000+ articles, below are the top 50 posts in terms of the combined number of shares via social media network.

I think that they are really useful based on number of shares, so you might want to check them out.

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