Geometer’s Sketchpad Essentials Series

Before I became a GeoGebra user, I had been a user of Geometer’s Sketchpad (GSP version 4.07) for quite some time. Although I am a great fan of GeoGebra, GSP requires more mathematical maturity to use, and in several aspects, has also its advantages. Sometimes, I am tempted to write a comparison between the two software, but I fear that I might be biased because I haven’t been using GSP very much nowadays.

This tutorial series will discuss the basics of GSP,  and is parallel to the GeoGebra Essentials Series.   The future topics  are as follows:

  1. Introduction to Geometer’s Sketchpad
  2. Essentials 1 – Locating the Triangle’s Centroid
  3. Essentials 2 – Constructing a Rectangle
  4. Essentials 3 – Constructing an Incircle
  5. Essentials 4 – The SSS Triangle Congruence
  6. Essentials 5 – Basic Graphing
  7. Essentials 6 – Graphs and Sliders
  8. Essentials 7 – Translating Geometric Objects
  9. Essentials 8 – Rotating Geometric Objects
  10. Transformation 3: Reflection
  11. Transformation 4: Dilation
  12. Exporting to the Web

I am currently exploring GSP 5.03 (trial version), and if there are significant changes, I will probably add some more tutorials.

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